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"Professional drying within the convenience of your home."

The HOMERUN Drybo drying box is specially designed for drying cats and little dogs. It adopts a full-bottom air supply design, which delivers air within the shortest distance to dry the pet directly on the abdomen. The multi-directional circulating airflow swiftly reaches the most difficult parts to dry, and quick cooling and heat dissipation at a high temperature ensure that pets are constantly dried in 45 minutes without any stoppages. As an example of direct circulation technology, it provides enough airflow and space to effectively reduce wind energy loss and strongly increase airflow speed. 


Benefits and Features:

  • Ergonomic structure and intelligent heat control ensure your pets' comfort and allow them to relax in a perfect smart pet bed.
  • The smart cabin design enables you to focus on things other than managing your little friend's escape plans: their comfort, their emotions, and their well-being.
  • Drybo Plus drastically cuts drying times for effortless drying.
  • It manages the ventilation for the whole cabin and removes stale and heated air from the inside to the outside, replacing it with fresh air.
  • Hundreds of venting holes placed on the doors along with the tempered glass ensure hot air gets expelled while channeling fresh air in Drybo Plus without the need to turn it on.
  • Drybo Plus operates at 40dB in gentler cozy-dry mode and less than 60dB in the loudest quick-dry mode. 
  • Drybo Plus delivers strong airflows from the bottom surface to effectively dry pets' hard-to-reach areas like belly, thighs, and paws. 
  • The protection system is designed to detect ten times per second any sign of overheating and other potential dangers. 
  • Have configured six sets of independent safety components to ensure the safety of Drybo Plus from both a physical and an electrical standpoint.
  • Drybo Plus delivers a warm and gentle breeze that ensures their comfort and prevents them from getting cold while providing an even air distribution.
  • Ceramic PTC Thermistor Heaters able to reasch the preset temperature in no time, and distribute the heat evenly and gently with no hotspot.
  • PID controller keep the temperature fluctuation, and reduce the discomfort of pet cause.
  • Drybo Plus is designed with clear and easy to operate panel.
  • The accidental touch protection prevents children and animals alike from turning Drybo Plus on by accident.
  • You can customize the intensity of heat, blowing speed, and time.
  • Customization is at the core of Drybo Plus, and you can easily define personalized comfort for your pet.
  • Contrains negative ions that makes your pets fur fluffy and shiny coat. 
  • The negative ion generator draws moisture from the air, creating super-fine moisture-rich ions that penetrate each strand of hair for a healthy, less damaged look.
  • Maintenance made easy.
  • The powerful ventilation system with a helix air path blows up all the pet hairs and collects them on the hair filter. You can easily pick all of them and clean the cabin with the slightest effort.
  • Drybo plus is super easy to clean and maintain. Its bottom part has no circuit, so you can detach the drainage plate to draw off all the unwanted liquid. Clean the bottom with a damp wipe, and Drybo Plus is again neat as new.


Product Dimensions: 437mm x 467mm x 436mm (L/DxWxH)


Noise Level: Quiet drying below 40 dB

Size Recommendations: 

  • 20 lbs cat
  • 15 lbs puppy
  • 1 year warranty

About Drybo Plus

Q: What size of pets can your pet dryer fit in?

A: Drybo Plus suits:-

- 2 pets (cat or dog) with average weight within 13 lbs/5.8kg; or

- 1 Maine Coon that weighs 19 lbs/8.6kg; or

- 1 British Shorthair that weighs 21lbs/9.5kg; or

- 1 puppy that weighs 12 lbs/ 5.4kg, or small-sized dog.

A corgi that weights around 33lbs is too large to fit in.

Q: How long will it take to dry my pet?

A:Drying time depends on the pet breed and weight. In many cases, Drybo Plus can fully dry 1 pet within 45 minutes in Quick-Dry mode. Default time for Quick-Dry mode is 60 mins, while 120 mins for Cozy-Dry mode. Feel free to adjust the time to suit your needs. We recommend toweling your pet prior to drying in order to expedite the process.

Q: How to use the pet bed mode?

A: Click 'Power’ and 'Lock’ to unlock the dryer.

Press 'Mode' to select: Heat Mode or Cool Mode.

Press ’Setting’ to adjust.

Heat Mode:

Press '+' and '-' to adjust temperature and wind speed respectively.

Cool Mode:

Press '+' and '-' to adjust wind speed.


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